Our History

BattleBrew Productions is a feisty crew of creators and craftsmen working on the next generation of mobile strategy games. Former AAA staff, we’ve set out on an airship of our own making under a new banner of our own. We’re ready for battle, and always brewing something new!

Studio Information

Founded on 13 February 2017



Pixel Studios
10 Central Exchange Green, Singapore 138649


hello <AT> battle-brew.com



Shawn Toh

Chief Executive Officer

Shawn is a Game Designer with six years of experience in the industry, having previously led teams in successful mobile game companies such as Nubee and Gumi Asia. He later went on to SUTD Game Lab as an Associate Producer. Games he has worked on include Monster Blade, Animal Collections, Slots Reel Frontier, and Reel Blade. His work has been featured in Wired.com, Tech In Asia, and Gamasutra, amongst others.

He is currently leading the crew at BattleBrew Productions. An avid foodie, Shawn enjoys spicy dumplings of all shapes and sizes.


Elicia Lee

Marketing Director

Best known as the founder of GameStart Asia, Singapore’s biggest gaming convention, Elicia Lee formerly worked at Electronic Arts, handing ecommerce and regional marketing. Since its debut in 2014, GameStart Asia has established itself as a premier game event in Southeast Asia, alongside other brands under parent company Eliphant, which offer eSports, event management and live production services, as well as talent management of eSports personalities.

In addition, Elicia also runs Zombits, a marketing agency which specialises in providing digital marketing and social media services for game companies and brands.

Ian Gregory

Strategic Director

Ian is a Co-founder and Creative Director of Witching Hour Studios. Ian’s handiwork includes dreaming up the game mechanics and fantasy worlds of the Ravenmark strategy series and Romans in My Carpet!. The latest game he worked on, Masquerada, won Best Indie Game at the Tokyo Game Show in Japan.

Prior to his entrance into the game industry, Ian spent seven years working as an advertising copywriter. He spends most of his free time playing board games and making things out of Lego.

Benjamin Chua

Lead Programmer

Benjamin is a Gameplay Programmer with 7 years of experience working in high production value titles, spanning multiple international studios. He has been involved in games such as Assassin’s Creed 3, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Skull & Bones. He enjoys working on AI, Gameplay and Animation systems.

Benjamin enjoys a diverse variety of games, with a tendency towards turn-based titles.

Erny Desiana

Lead Server Programmer

A 6-year veteran, Erny started her career as a game programmer in Gameloft back in 2011. During her time there, she channelled her expertise in games such as Block Breaker 3 Free+ as well as 5 unpublished projects. She then moved on to Daylight Studios, handling back end server production for Conquest Age (Swords of Fate). At Dreamrocket, she was responsible for production on both the client and server side for the mobile title Kutsuki Puzzle Piko.

Ian Ho

Lead Concept Artist

Ian is an artist with 4 years of working experience under his belt. He previously worked as a concept artist at Dreamrocket and was involved in Kutsuki Puzzle PIKO, which was released in 2016. Ian graduated from FZD School of Design in 2014 and previously spent 2 years in the multimedia industry with clients such as the NEA and Singapore Science Centre.

Passionate and self-driven, Ian always looks forward to creating fresh and imaginative content for the games industry.



Want to talk to us? Interested in our story or what we’re doing? Contact us at hello <AT> battle-brew.com!